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Clogged Storm Drains Only Part of the Problem in Thunderstorms

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LAS VEGAS -- Summer thunderstorms can quickly clog storm drains, flood streets and even send cars floating down the street.

If this is a recurring problem, there could be a couple of reasons. The storm drain or inlet could be severely clogged, or the box underground that holds the water might be too small.

"They are really high intensity storms, short duration, a lot of wind with them and what that does is it blows a lot of vegetation and debris out into our streets. The water picks it right up and pulls it into the place it is going, which is our drain inlets, and it likes to clog 'em up," Allen Edward Pavelka with Clark County Road Maintenance said.

According to Clark County Road Maintenance Division, 120 workers are responsible for cleaning a whopping 4,000 drainage inlets.

It does not help when mother nature strikes twice in less than two weeks.

"Some of these storms that we have had, it takes us weeks to really get the roads, the shoulders, back to the way they should be," Pavelka said.

Here is another reason why a street might look more like a river during a storm. The Flood Control District says the underground box that holds this water, before it goes into the basin, could be too small.

Officials with flood control say that is why it is important to report street flooding.

If enough complaints pour in, regarding the same street, they will look into a local drainage project to increase the amount of water the drain can hold, avoiding flooding.

The flood district has a free app called Floodspot to report flooding. Officials take this seriously. In the last year, they have worked on 10 projects, six of them specifically for storm drains that had repeated flooding.

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