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Parents, Teachers Stock Up on School Supplies

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LAS VEGAS - Four weeks remain until the start of the school year, and parents and teachers are preparing for a busy shopping season.

Many parents are starting their back to school shopping earlier this year. While some browse through store ads in the paper, others say they find it more effective to walk into stores and scope out the best bargains. They claim store ads sometimes do not advertise the store's best prices.

Some parents say they plan to find the best bargains by shopping for generic brands instead of name brands.

Many parents also encourage their kids to re-use items from last year, such as backpacks and lunch pails. Parents say the cost of back to school supplies seems to increase as their kids get older.

"I spent a little more this year. As they get older, the list gets longer. The sales aren't as good as they usually are," back to school shopper Rosanne Richards said. "I definitely spent between about $160 on school supplies and about $300 on clothes and shoes."

Parents say in addition to shopping early to get the best deals, it's also important to plan ahead. Make sure you have a list of what your kids need before you shop to make your shopping experience less stressful.

Parents aren't alone. Teachers are also hitting the stores early to get their hands on great deals. Many are buying in bulk to avoid having to restock later in the year.

Several teachers say they started shopping as early as a month ago to find bargains and avoid the rush of back to school shopping. They say they are spending more than they did last year.

While technology has become more popular with younger students, teachers say kids still need basic materials such as pencils, binders and notebooks.

For teachers, buying enough for students and having extra on hand to last the rest of the school year can be expensive.

Many teachers say they like to keep a budget in mind and try not to spend more than a few hundred dollars in the beginning of the year. Some say they don't mind spending their own money on school supplies if it means parents can save money and use it on their child's clothes and food.

"I tend to buy a lot of school supplies for my students, so I'm constantly starting in July - looking through papers, finding sales. I buy one hundred and fifty folders and one hundred and twenty notebooks every year," said fifth grade teacher Terolyn Thompson.

"I actually start as soon as they start putting back to school things in stores, so that each paycheck I go and buy a certain amount of things each time, so I don't have a big expense in the end," added fourth grade teacher Judy Kay Frome.

Many teachers also rely on the Teacher EXCHANGE to stock up on school supplies for their classrooms. Teacher EXCHANGE is a resource center for Nevada school teachers.

Teachers say they spend at least $250 at the beginning of the year on basic school supplies.

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