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Parolees Give Up Right to Privacy

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LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police is on the hunt for people using child pornography on their mobile devices, but officers face roadblocks getting search warrants for such devices.

However, there is a group of officers who don't even need a search warrant.

Not only do these officers not need a search warrant, but they supervise people with a criminal record. They go to their homes, they talk to their family and friends and they are constantly on the look out for criminal activity.

Parole and Probation officer Ashley Mangan started with the sex offender unit less than four months ago.

She was out on a routine home check of 36-year-old parolee Steven Dunham's home.

"He seemed to be very jittery and something wasn't right," Mangan said.

Mangan might be a rookie to the sex offender unit, but she's not new to police work.

All she needs is "reasonable suspicion" that Dunham is violating the conditions of his release to be able to search his home.

For a sex offender that includes no alcohol, no contact with children and no pictures of children.

Officer Mangan went right for Dunham's mobile device and computer, where she said she found pictures of children, but they were not what one would consider pornography.

So Mangan kept searching. She said she found more than a thousand sexual images of children.

"I was shocked," Mangan said "It was the first time ever I had seen those types of images."

Mangan's boss explained that his officers use a program which allows the officer to see everything viewed, copied, stored and searched for on a computer or mobile device.

"He won't see the light of day if he's convicted. He's not going to have an opportunity for any type of parole or early release," her boss said.

Dunham was on parole for second degree murder.

He was out of prison less than a year and a half before he was arrested by Mangan for the child pornography.

"I was relieved because I know that he would go on with this behavior and possibly hurt other people," Mangan said.

Dunham is now facing federal child pornography charges. Mangan said her ability to search without a warrant is a valuable tool she doesn't want to abuse.

Parolees sign away their right to a search with a search warrant when they are paroled.

However, there are several groups that object to parolees giving up their right, saying the parolee pays for their crime twice.

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