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Public Works Clearing Drains Before Next Round of Rain

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LAS VEGAS -- The skies over Las Vegas may have cleared, but the streets still show the remnants of a massive weekend storm.

Debris from mud flows have clogged storm drains and street gutters. Crews are working diligently to get the drains cleared before the next monsoon storm hits.

Weekend storms downed trees and flooded streets, but when the water receded, it left storm drains clogged with trash, tree limbs and mud.

Nicole Underwood runs a Title Max which is in front of a dirty drain.

"They're completely just full of stuff. I almost want to get a sweeper and come out and myself and clean it," Underwood said.

Public works crews are working around the clock cleaning up. It is a search and destroy mission, looking for those drains and getting them cleared.

"But the thing is, this time they're scattered all over the valley," Allen Pavelka with Clark County Public Works Department said. "It is just a matter of finding it all. And, we'd like to get them cleaned before the next storms come in."

According to Pavelka, public works has deployed all 16 of its street sweepers, but the public can help with the effort.

"The best thing for us is the public could call us. If they do see plugged inlets, call 455-6000 and that's our call center," Pavelka said. If no one answers, leave a message.

The drain in front of Underwood's office has been cleared. Now, she keeps her eye to the sky and awaits for round three of the monsoon, which could strike anytime.


Public works crews say the storms were not the worst they have seen, but they did leave a lot of debris.


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