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Homeowners Warned of Dangerous Bugs

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LAS VEGAS - With humidity and hot temperatures hitting the valley, bugs are finding their way into valley homes. While many are harmless, others could cause a trip to the hospital.

The desert attracts well known bugs such as spiders, scorpions and beetles, but there are other insects most people are not aware of.

To reduce the likelihood of an infestation, clear the clutter in and around your home and be proactive about prevention. Several products on the market can keep pests away.

Las Vegas residents are opinionated when it comes to pesky pests.

"They got these big beetles that come up the drain. I'm a grown man, but I just hate them. I absolutely hate them," said Las Vegas resident Lee Gatzmeyer.

"Scorpions, I've had those in the house," another person said.

"The big red ants, I don't like them. I'm not a bug person," added Las Vegas resident Sally Gatzmeyer.

Doctors say, in most cases, infections from bug bites are more harmful than the bites themselves. Infections can start if you scratch the bite and not clean it with antibiotics.

While many bugs call the desert home, doctors urge people to watch for three types than can be very harmful.

"The brown recluse is a very dangerous spider," said University Medical Center Chief of Staff Dr. Dale Carrison. "Black widows, we have a lot of black widows in the valley. Brown recluse is actually a worse bite than the black widow, because the brown recluse – instead of getting a little pus packet – it begins to turn black, because the venom that the brown recluse has really destroys the skin."

Brown recluse bites can sometimes cause death if not treated immediately. Black widow bites can cause severe abdominal pain. Scorpion stings are extremely painful and pose the most danger to young children.

Doctors say anytime a bug bite becomes enlarged, and/or fluid builds up or changes color, seek medical attention right away.

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