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7/17/13 Trio of Brothers Deserves a Home

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Three boys, three distinct personalities, and yet a single sibling set that needs to stay together.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to the Wednesday's Child threesome for today on their first visit to the bowling alley.

You probably remember how awkward you felt with that heavy bowling ball the first time...

Jacob...the oldest of the three brothers at six did his best to look all grown-up about it, Darrien, the next oldest at 5 took to the game with gusto...and David, who just turned one, was fine with just sitting in his foster father's lap the whole time, thank you!

"David is one and David he is when you see him he just lights up the room he's one years old and he just started walking and so it's just funny to see him walk and and start taking life and stuff like that," says Rich, the boys' recruiting specialist for DFS.

But even David was watching Darrien... A not stop motion machine.

"Darrien has a lot of energy and were going to definitely need a family that's going to be able to keep up with them, keep in sports and things like that, keep him active, because he just loves to be active.

Jacob is plenty active too, but takes a more laid-back attitude when he's not trying to keep track of Darrien.   Adoption recruiters are determined to keep these three together.

"You know the upside is those different personalities they have, and also that they kind of try to take care of each other, feed off of each other, and they came into the system together and we definitely want to keep them together," Rich adds.

Beyond that, DFS is seeking a family that has lot of get-up-and-go.

"The greatest home is a home that is going to be active, they are going to continue to take them you know being active in sports… as you can see Darrien loves to run around so just really an active family a loving family a family that's going to keep them together a family that's going to help them be successful and to teach them and to kind of mold them," claims Rich.

Jacob, Darrien, and David are in the midst of having parental rights terminated, so not all the "t's" are crossed and "i's" dotted on this case... But there would be a huge upside to getting started in the process of adopting them now.   Call the local office of the adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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