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Fire Bursts Trout Canyon's Access to Drinking Water

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TROUT CANYON, Nev. -- Trout Canyon residents have been through a lot these past two weeks -- the threat of fire, evacuations and a potentially deadly cloud of smoke.

Now, they're back home facing something that could end their way of life: a busted waterline, and no means to fix it.

The once lush mountainside of Trout Canyon is now a sea of copper and black, a far cry from what it was just two weeks ago.

Resident Don Kubinski got his first look at the damage up close.

"You couldn't go anywhere," Kubinski said. "You could go about right to here and it was totally overgrown all the way up."

The Carpenter 1 fire damaged much more than trees and wildlife.

"We'll have to see how far the pipe's spread apart," he said.

The four-mile pipe needs to be replaced or repaired with patches, but the cost isn't cheap and it's creating a trickle down effect.

"It's going to be $300 a piece and we need a 100 of them," Kubinski said.

One dry pipe affects more than just his yard. Not only does it fill his pond, but also helps pump water to many other homes in Trout Canyon.

The absence of water isn't just putting Luetta Callaway's fish at risk, but a whole community full of fruit trees, livestock and wildlife.

"They don't have a lot of options," Callaway said. "I mean, there's one spring for this community and they have no means for drinking water."

The residents are now depending on truckloads of potable water, but they said that can't last forever.

Now they're left wondering how to fix this miles-long problem, left completely charred by Carpenter 1.

The pipeline is on a large section of private property and residents typically all pitch in when problems arise.

However in this case, residents said the price tag could exceed $30,000, and many retirees don't have the cash to front the cost.

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