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8 on Your Side: Drivers Decry Confusing Parking Signs

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LAS VEGAS - Parking on the Strip isn't always easy. Between the Peppermill and the Riviera just north of Convention Center Drive, it was downright confusing.

Drivers who pull into the empty lot between both businesses find six parking signs.

Some clearly authorize Peppermill parking only. Other signs allow for authorized parking only. The signs come in different colors and styles.

Many drivers, however, are unaware they can't park there.

8 on Your Side received numerous complaints from patrons of the Peppermill and the Riviera who say their vehicles were unfairly towed from the lot. 8 on Your Side quickly discovered the source of the confusion.

Motorists would park where the sign allows ‘authorized parking' and assume that means the Peppermill. Unfortunately, that part of the parking lot is owned by a management company called Triple 5. It's designed for convention overflow parking.

If a person parks in that part of the lot and dines at the Peppermill, his or her vehicle could be towed. The sign, however, doesn't specify that.

Nevada Transportation Authority Chairman Andy MacKay visited the parking lot at the request of 8 on Your Side. The NTA regulates towing companies and towing signs. He admitted the parking lot is packed with confusion.

"I would contend if you park here, and it says ‘authorized parking', you are under the assumption that this area is authorized for perhaps the Peppermill," he said.

The NTA immediately began working on the problem. The authority held a meeting and agreed that in shared parking lots, an ‘authorized parking only' sign doesn't fly.

Towing companies across the state have been given 90 days to change their signs if the signs are deemed too ambiguous.

"That's great. That is important. No one who is a visitor here wants to get their rental car towed," one Strip visitor said.

"I am glad you're bringing that point out, because people would probably get towed at their expense," added Strip visitor Roberta Sanabria.

If your vehicle was towed before the signs were changed, there are steps you can take.

First, you have to get your car out of the tow yard at your expense.

Second, file a complaint with 8 on Your Side and the NTA. If your vehicle was wrongfully towed, you may get all or part of your money back. The tow company will also receive a citation.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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