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7/03/13 At 16, Inez Still Wants a Forever Family

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Wed's Child tonite is a teenager who is not afraid to say she still wants a family.

Dave Courvoisier introduces us to 16-yr-old Inez

At the South Point bowling alley... We quickly found out that Inez is a regular 16-yr-old with who likes to talk on the phone and have fun with her friends.

"You know she's a typical teenager, Inez is a typical teenager, a teenage girl and she probably calls me every three days you know to check in and see how I'm doing and just let me know how she's doing," explains Rich, Inez' adoption recruiter.

Inez has been in foster care since she was 12, and has never given up the hope of being adopted

"Because I want the family not like moving houses two houses, just stay in one spot," says Inez.

Inez told me since age 12, she's lived in 10 homes.  And yet her foster father tells us she's got a heart of gold.

"She's a very good child, she has progressed quite a bit so she has grown into a nice young lady," says David, Inez' foster father.

In fact, David says she's got plenty of potential.

"Sky is the limit… it's up to Inez… bright kid... kinda lazy when it comes to homework and stuff but when you get back to a typical teenager," adds David.

Inez would be accepting of any family that loves her.

"It doesn't matter, just like a parent that like will take care of me like their own kids," claims Inez.

"She's a typical teenager who still wants a family, and a lot of times when we had these teenagers you know they think that it's too late, you know, but with it as she things is not too late and she deserves a family as well," says Rich.

if you think there might be room in your heart and your home for Inez, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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