06/26/13 This is Colin's 2nd Appearance on Wed's Child... Make - 8 News NOW

06/26/13 This is Colin's 2nd Appearance on Wed's Child... Make it His Last?

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Today's Wednesday's Child will be a Freshman in high school in the fall.   Dave Courvoisier reports that he's not embarrassed to say on TV in front of all his peers that he still wants to be adopted.

Just last October we were with Colin at Indoor Skydiving... And he...well.... dove right in.  

So compared with that...   When we met him this time, his case worker was unsure Colin would be very excited about painting pottery, but...

"We can't pigeonhole him in that way I think he would surprise us in a number of ways he's very open-minded and actually coming in here today we didn't know if we were going to be able to bring him today because there were scheduling things that we were worried about however it worked out and he was when I presented him with the opportunity he was like all rights pottery I love that I can't wait to do that," explains Lance, Colin's adoption recruiter.

Colin is a very open-minded young man who likes all kinds of music, sports and games.   He willingly does his chores around the house, and thrives on attention.

"He really loves that positive feedback. And thrives on it, and does well with that, so I think if we can find a family that provides that, in addition to that structure, and some one-on-one time with him, I think…he can do it," Lance says.

At 15, Colin has had enough of moving around through the foster care system.   He's ready to settle down with the right family.

"Colin is legally free for adoption so once we find that family will be able to move the process along. He's a really good kid, he just really need some stability in terms of having that home where he can feel comfortable and know that he's not going anywhere else. And I think we'll see even more of the real Colin continue to come out you know if given that opportunity," adds Lance.

Colin is ready and waiting for the right family to come forward and adopt him.   If that's you, please contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right now.

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