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Road Rage Video Draws Attention

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LAS VEGAS -- An online video showing an incident between a car and several motorcycles near McCarran Airport is drawing a lot of attention.

Metro Police said they are aware of several of these types of instances involving large groups of motorcycles and cars. This one happened to be caught on camera.

In the video, a car strikes one of the motorcyclists - knocking him off his bike. Police eventually cited that motorcyclist for several violations including reckless driving, invalid registration and no proof of insurance.

"Unfortunately, there have been several instances that we are aware of - this swarming behavior by motorcyclists," Officer Bill Cassell said. "This is a recipe for disaster. They are going to get hurt or killed, or other citizens getting hurt or killed."

In this case, police said it's amazing no one was killed.

Attorney Stephen Stubbs represents the biker who was hit, and said the video shows his client is the victim.

"My client was in the right lane, minding his own business, and he was harassed by the aggressive driving of the Chevy Cavalier," Stubbs said.

Stubbs said his client exchanged words with the driver of the gray car, but it was only after he was hit. Stubbs said the video shows the group trying to get the car to stop when the crash happened.

"To my shock, my client got hit, knocked off his motorcycle, and he's got back problems," Stubbs added. "He has road rash, and he's pretty shaken up, but the police came to the hospital and gave him a citation for reckless driving."

The investigation remains open and police are working to identify the other bikers in the video to issue more tickets.

Police investigators said if you find yourself in a similar situation, call for help.

"The first thing is to call 911, and this is a situation where even if you don't have a hands free telephone or if this is a life and death situation, get on the phone and call for help," Cassell said.

As for the driver of the car, police said he was the victim.

The biker who was hit is recovering from the crash. Stubbs said they plan to sue the driver of the gray car.

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