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8 on Your Side Offers Tips to Save on Summer Travel

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LAS VEGAS - If you are booking a flight for you and your family this summer, you may want to avoid buying all the tickets at once. As 8 on Your Side discovered, buying them one at a time could save you money.

Travel agent Maria Ruiz says it is common knowledge in the travel agent industry. Buying four tickets at one time doesn't pay, but average folks usually do not know that.

"In the past, purchasing bulk tickets helped a lot with trying to get a better rate," Ruiz said. "Actually, the pricing for airline tickets have totally changed, and so it really doesn't help when purchasing bulk tickets."

For example, if you and your family want to go to New York this summer, buying four tickets at once could cost $469 per person. If you bought them one at a time, the price per ticket is $412 - saving you $228 in all.

"If you're looking for better rates, then the best thing to do is just book it individually," Ruiz said.

That's not your only key to savings. Keep your cash by not shopping around on the same computer. The more you check out prices at travel websites, the higher your prices get. That's because the websites track your searches.

"Each of those companies obviously has a very complicated way of tracking whose logging into their websites and how many times," Ruiz said.

For example, if you have been looking for the cheapest airfare, you have likely been searching various websites. You decide one website had the best deal, but when you go back to that site to purchase the tickets, you see the deal is gone.

It happens for two reasons. Prices change that quickly. Plus, some sites track your searches and increase the price based on your search history.

Another great tip is to book flights on Tuesdays when flights are usually the cheapest. If you can, fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when flights are generally the most affordable.

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