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Businesses Near Speedway Eager for EDC

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NORTH LAS VEGAS -- Many area businesses are eagerly anticipating the Electric Daisy Carnival as it rolls into town this weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The businesses said they are expecting a boom in sales from the hundreds of thousands of people planning to attend.

For hundreds of thousands of Electric Daisy Carnival attendees, they know what the experience is all about, but first timers such as Arya Patron and her friend Becca Korton said they aren't too sure what to expect.

"I don't know what it's going to be like," Patron said. "I have ideas, but I don't know. We'll see."

Added Korton, "EDC is everything. It's more important than the Strip right now."

Businesses along Craig Road said they know exactly what to expect with this weekend's festivities and they're ready to take on the unique crowd that is EDC.

"Everybody is getting ready," restaurant manager Ninfa Magana said. "Everybody is excited about it."

As preparations are finished for EDC, the businesses are gearing up for one of the busiest weekends ahead. They're doing everything from bringing extra employees on staff to extending their hours. It's the kind of business people say North Las Vegas so desperately needs.

"There's always a lot of attention on the strip and not to us, but there's always something going on at the speedway, and something this big, like EDC, brings us more attention to us on this side," Magana said.

Since the beginning of the week, customers have been coming in nonstop, Magana said.

"Being a small business, it's good," Magana said. "We're already getting people from EDC for breakfast and dinner last night, which is good for us."

Her restaurant usually had 15 employees on staff, but added 10 more this weekend to accommodate customers.

The same is true for nearby hotels.

There are few hotels near the speedway, and hotel manager Connie Butcher said that works to their advantage.

Rooms have been sold out at her hotel since the beginning of February, even after they raised their rates an extra $80 a night.

"I have to admit we raise our rates, because it's a high demand time, just like a race week or special events in town," Butcher said. "Double coverage for breakfast, ordering extra for breakfast. Our usual clients are single occupancy business man or military, but EDC changes that drastically when we have four to 10 kids in a room."

Much like the enthusiastic crowds at EDC, local businesses are just as thrilled to have them right in their backyard.

"It's great business, especially during summer in Vegas," Butcher said. "We love it, anytime. I wish they did it every month."

The annual electronic dance music festival is expecting at least 345,000 attendees between Friday and Sunday.

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