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8 on Your Side: Millions in Unclaimed Property Available

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LAS VEGAS - Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall is looking for the rightful owners of unclaimed property.

This money could be an old deposit someone never collected, a refund that was never cashed or a safe deposit box that was forgotten.

"One of the things I get to go do in my job is to give people checks for money that is theirs, but they didn't realize they had," Marshall said. "Seventy four million dollars that belongs to the people of Nevada, and I wish they would come get it."

The Treasurer's Office has already given away $34 million this year. Part of the huge amount of money was given to Stultz Taylor.

Taylor flew from New Jersey to collect a safe deposit box that belonged to his mother more than 20 years ago. The box was filled with coins, cash, jewelry and a few pictures.

"That's my senior class picture - 1978," he said of one of the pictures.

The safe despot box was valued at $6,600. More importantly, it gave Taylor memories of his mother who passed away three years ago.

"It brought a lot of old memories back," he said. "I told my wife before we came out that there was a ring in particular I remembered, and that's here."

Taylor is glad he claimed his property and hopes others do the same.

On June 21 and June 22, the Treasurer's Office will post in every newspaper in Nevada names of people who have unclaimed property with the state.

People can also look for unclaimed property on the Nevada Treasurer's website or on MissingMoney.com.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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