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06/19/13 11-yr-old Christopher is at the Crucial Age for Adoption

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Today's Wednesday's Child is a real history buff, and -- as you're about to see -- not a bad painter either.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Christopher.

Of all the wWdnesday's Child candidates we shot at the Pottery Shop a couple of weeks ago, Christopher was the most focused.   He had a plan, and was intent on carrying it out.

His case worker says he has a talent for remembering things:

"He always remembers a lot of dates, like when you first him feel ask you what is your birthday, and he'll write it down and feel always remember and he's really good with remembering faces and names," says Josh, Christopher's case worker.

In fact, he enjoys important dates and places in history too.

"He has an interest in Gettysburg, definitely for history so he's really into history and he reads a lot of almanacs and gets a lot of that information," adds Josh.

Christopher turns 11 in July, and is a quick read on most things.   He wanted to make sure he had just the right color for his figurine.

... And he's a sociable kid who likes school, and has all A's and B's.

"Yeah he definitely, he does great in school great socially, (he needs) a loving home with of course you know a loving family, he likes pets, you know he loves to interact with them and he likes older siblings, to get the youngest one and to direct with them and you know of mom and dad you would definitely loves that, or even being in a single parent home I think he would also thrive in that also," claims Josh.

Christopher is open and clear for adoption, so call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now if you think you're interested:  436-6335.

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