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Police, Organizers Prepare for Electric Daisy Carnival

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LAS VEGAS - The Electric Daisy Carnival takes place this weekend. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming to Las Vegas for what some are calling the party of the year.

The annual music festival fuses bright colors, neon lights and electric dance music with a giant carnival under the stars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Attendees listen to the world's most popular DJs spin music, ride carnival rides and dance all night long.

This is EDC's third year in town, and it's expected to be the biggest. Show organizers expect more than 100,000 people each night of the three-night, sold-out show. That represents approximately 10,000 more people than last year.

As EDC gets closer, expect to see more people in town sporting neon wigs, tutus and flashing jewelry.

"It's very fun. It's an electrical carnival. It's got music. It's got crazy people, neon everywhere you look," said Jessica Camargo, who attended last month's Electric Daisy Carnival in New York.

"I'm staying for two days. Three days is too much for me. I need sleep too, and plus, I have work," added Andre Young who plans to attend this year's event.

The EDC parties can get crazy, and many concert goers will try to smuggle drugs inside.

"You'll find everything from Molly, everything, weed, everything. I don't know how they sneak it in, but they do," said Stefany Restrepo who went to EDC New York last month.

Molly is what people call ecstasy. Drugs make the event more dangerous, especially outside during the hot Las Vegas summer.

That's why Metro Police and concert organizers have been planning for this event all year.

Insomniac - the group that puts on the event - insists EDC is a clean, drug-free environment. A simple Google search, however, produces dozens of sites with tips on how to sneak drugs in.

While last year's event went off without a hitch, police continue to monitor those sites. Police say they're aware of the drug problem and worry about the safety of the party-goers.

"The dangers with narcotics at this EDC or any other event (are) where you're outside in the heat, dehydration and such," said Metro Police Lt. Robert Plummer. "So, we ask those that are coming to the event to please stay hydrated, act responsible and enjoy themselves."

Police will search bags of those entering the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and station 380 officers throughout the venue. That amounts to approximately one officer for every 300 people.

Metro will have what it calls an "amnesty box" outside the event. If someone has drugs, he or she can give the drugs to police, and they won't be charged.

Police are also working closely with security teams. Insomniac is paying for all the police overtime.

Electric Daisy Carnival runs from June 21 through June 23. There are also EDC-related events all week that lead up to the carnival.

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