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Summer Months Mean More Insects in the Valley

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LAS VEGAS - Valley residents are noticing an increase in insects in and around their homes. The early heat has bugs looking for places to cool down, which means residents need to take steps to safeguard their homes.

Professional exterminators can spray around your home and knock down webs and nests. If you want to tackle the problem on your own, however, you can.

Many people have rocks in their yards. If you can create a space between the rocks and your house, the bugs can't hide anywhere when you spray. Insects are looking for places to hide and food to eat.

"Look outside, move rocks, look in irrigation boxes and see if there's some kind of food source as far as dog droppings or trash," said Davon Spears with Home Team Pest Defense.

Along with spraying in the irrigation box, you will want to make sure there are no trees touching the house, and make sure you have no gaps in your doors that can allow bugs in.

Insect experts say there are not more insects this year, compared with last year. Hotter temperatures are, however, hitting the valley earlier than last year, which brings out the bugs. During the warmer months, bugs can fly faster, avoid birds better and get to food faster. Monsoon season also bring out more insects.

"The reason we don't see a lot of them is they're hiding in the garage, which is cool," said UNLV Associate Professor Allen Gibbs. "It's moist. They come out at night when it's cool and it's moist. It starts raining, and we'll start seeing more insects coming out."

Even though other parts of the country are seeing bigger bugs, the Las Vegas valley is not. Phoenix is experiencing more insects than Las Vegas, because the city has more swimming pools, and bugs seek water sources.

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