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06/12/13 Sibling Set of Four Has Waited Long Enough

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Way back in February, we shot with a sibling set of four children for Wednesday's Child.   Then we got the word that they weren't legally free for adoption yet.   Well, now they are, and we're happy to bring you the story Mikela, Samuel, Christopher and Anna.

Get a quick look, 'cause this is the only known shot we have of all four kids standing still long enough for a shot together.

The two youngest --  Anna and Christopher -- set the tone for energy, leaving Samuel and Mikela to chase after them, and keep 'em out of harm's way.   They've had a history of moving, but now they want to settle in.

"They were with relatives off and on, but of course due to the economic you know tough times, the children were placed back in foster care and because of them being such a large sibling group they were separated into two different homes," says Rich, their adoption recruiter.

That's because there were actually 6 siblings to begin with, but the oldest and youngest are adopted, leaving these four.

"So, were definitely looking for a family that is going to be able to take the other four, but also making sure that we maintain contact with the other two siblings be letters, phone, phone contact, visits, just anything like that," adds Rich.

Anna is the youngest at four.

"She loves to be silly she loves to color and she just loves being a three-year-old," admits Rich.

Next is Christopher... He's six, now, and craves attention.

Samuel is 9... And like his brother, he loves sports and activities.

Mikela is the oldest at 10.

"She's very bright she loves to travel," says Rich.

These four have a very close bond...they all love pizza, and they all are ready to find a forever home.

"If I had my choice and ideal foster home an ideal adoptive home, would be a two parent phone, a family that's going to make sure that they remain in contact with their other two siblings, and the family that's going to continue to help them progress and help them be successful in society," adds Rich.

Remember, these four want to stay in tough with their other two siblings.   If you have room in your heart and home for this family of siblings, call the local office of the adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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