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E-Cig Shops Lighting Up in Vegas

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LAS VEGAS -- Pink Spot Vapors is becoming a popular spot for people who want an alternative to cigarettes.

Owner Penn Elletson said business has doubled every month for the past year, going from four to 25 employees. The craze is over an electronic device that simulates a drag from a cigarette.

"We have everybody from 18 to 88 that come in and there is no demographic, everybody smokes and everybody knows somebody who smokes," Elletson said. "Different people have different meaning for what it is as it takes away all the garbage of smoking."

The devices come in all shapes and sizes, but it works the same way. Each device has a liquid, or "juice." The juice has the same addictive cigarette ingredient nicotine when it's inhaled, delivering the smoking sensation as it calms the urge to smoke.

The e-cigarettes' counterparts of actual tobacco products has been highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration for years with strict health guidelines.

E-cigarettes, however, aren't regulated, and organizations such as the American Lung Association said buyer beware when it comes to the product.

"Our stance is that nothing should be in your lungs, you shouldn't be smoking at all," American Lung Association spokeswoman Amy Beaulieu said.

Although the FDA has yet to make a decision on the health effects when it comes to the smoking alternative, Elletson said it's only getting more popular.

"Everyday, it gets busier each month, each month gets busier than the last and the growth is crazy," Elletson said.

Elletson said he plans to open two more stores within the next year or so.

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