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6/5/13 Twins Haden & Kayden are Special

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2-year-old twin brothers are the focus on today's Wednesday's Child.
Kayden and Haden may be hard to tell apart, but they need to be adopted together.

What kid doesn't like to get messy with some easy painting?  At the Pottery Shop, we found out pretty quickly how hard it is to keep two, two-year-olds to concentrate on anything for more than a minute.

"He does a great job mimicking you know I picked up the papers he picks up the paintbrush I paint he paints so he's doing really well with that," observes Lance, the twins' adoption recruiter.

These two brothers are living with cerebral palsy... Not both at the same level, and not to the point where it slows them down much.

"But they definitely have their needs and I think initially a lot of people will be scared away by that, but when you see the boys and you get used to their daily schedule you find that it's manageable," adds Lance.

Kayden is the one wearing glasses... When he's not yanking them off... And Haden:

"He has a huge appetite of his is a very mild form of cerebral palsy or he is you know he's moving around and he's getting on his own," comments Lance.

No question these guys will need some special attention... DFS is seeking a family with flexibility...a willingness to make therapy appointments, and plenty of positive direction.

"So were actively seeking you know a family who is ready to adopt the boys. We don't want to have been bouncing around to different places, you know.  'Just really looking for that family with the patience and you know also I think like we said earlier, a family that is not going to just settle for whatever the current prognosis maybe but continue with the boys because of the sky's the limit for them all things considered, so..." says Lance.

Haden and Kayden are free for adoption, and if you'd like to get started in the process of approval, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right away.

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