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Trauma Docs Gear Up for Busy Summer Season

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LAS VEGAS -- The end of school year marks the beginning of trauma season. University Medical Center doctors say usually see a spike in accidents over the summer months.

Doctors at UMC's trauma center say they treat more young people during the summer months. The biggest emergencies usually involve swimming pools or cars.

One local family granted 8 News NOW permission into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. A  family member was involved in a emergency two days earlier. Keah Davenport's 12-year-old daughter Aniya was hit by a car when she was riding her bike to school. Instead of spending her final school days with classmates, she is in the hospital.

"I remember hitting the car and being on the ground and I remember feeling the car going over my body," Aniya said. "I remember looking up and seeing the car driving away."

"To be so innocent and have to lay there and feel this vehicle run over her body and watch the vehicle drive away, it's like that makes me angry," Davenport said. "It could have been a lot worse, so I'm grateful.

Aniya escaped with a broken elbow, a tear on her liver and some bruises.

Doctors say they expect to see more children as the school year ends and the weather warms up.

"We worry about traffic safety, we see the trauma, we see more drownings, we see more burns, sunburns, you may think it's a minor thing, but it's not," said Dr. Dale Carrison, UMC chief of staff.

He says car crashes are the most common emergency and often involved patients who were not wearing a seatbelt.

"I don't know how many times I've seen the person restrained walk away and the other person deceased," Dr. Carrison said. "Remind the children, be safe today, I want to see you home tonight."

Aniya is trying to erase the images of the car that could have claimed her life. Her mother has decided Aniya will get a ride to school instead of biking next year.


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