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Lake Mead Officials Want Fun but Safe Holiday Weekend

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LAKE MEAD, Nev. -- Thousands of people are expected to go to Lake Mead this weekend, to cool off and relax.

While there will be lots of fun on the water, the National Park Service rangers and Nevada Department of Wildlife game wardens will be on the lookout for any swimmers or boaters breaking the law.

The biggest message from lake officials is that everyone wear a life jacket, especially children. They advise that even if a child knows how to swim, he or she should wear a life jacket while on the water.

Children under the age of 13 years old must wear life jackets at all times while on the lake. Parents that fail to do so face a hefty fine.

Game wardens and park rangers will also be on the look out for people boating while drunk.

"We'll do a sobriety check. We'll run it through that whole protocol, and if they are over the legal limit, (they are) going to jail," state game warden Paul Hearne said.

The legal limit for boaters is 0.08, which is the same as for motorists.

Another message from park rangers and game wardens is that people look before leaping. Many people jump or dive off the cliffs and rocks around lake without realizing the dangers just under the surface.

Officials emphasize people investigate the area where they are jumping or diving before leaping.

The number of fatalities on the lake has gone down over in the past few years, but the goal is always zero fatalities, game warden Hearne said.

For more information on the Lake Mead Recreation Area, including boating regulations, fees and maps, go to


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