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5/22/13 Justice & Justin Find a Forever Home

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Wednesday's Child has another  adoption success story today, and it's special for several reasons, but it's really wonderful for the fact that a brother and sister now have a forever family.

Justice proudly shows us her own new bedroom... Something she told us was one of the real perks of having a permanent home.

Brother Justin likes his own room too...but mostly because the shelves are packed with Wii games.

This brother/sister pair eased into Ryan and Adam's life like they belonged... And they kinda did.   The dads had the siblings on their radar since last year's heart gallery.

"...And we have two kids that we're looking to adopt, a sibling group, and this is actually the first time we've got to see them, and talk to them," said Ryan in an interview almost exactly one year ago.

From that point on, Ryan and Adam were on a fast track to adoption.

"It was chaotic at first… we got an email from the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, I do the newsletter for our synagogue and I got the newsletter to publish because they were looking for a home for the kids because they were Jewish and they were looking for a family for them," explains new dad, Adam.  "I got the email and went to the Synagogue next day and all the ladies came at us and said you need to do this."

"There's incredible support from our synagogue from the whole Jewish community.  These kids have really been, kind of been a bridge between different branches of Judaism, Orthodox, and Conservative, and Reform, and their story within the Jewish community is kinda famous, and so they've really been getting some great opportunities for scholarships and help and it's been a real blessing to have our community," says Ryan.

Just this march, the adoption of Justin and Justice was finalized.  

"It was a very important event. I felt like it was just of finalizing of everything we worked for," says Adam.

Justin thinks so too: "It's great because I'm, now I don't have to go, now we don't have to go to new home," says Justin.

"Just that it's really been an honor, you know, it's been fun, it's been hard, it's been rewarding like nothing else we've ever experienced in our lives, it's you know, if there are any couples out there, or and will I will single moms or single dads out there who are kind of sitting on the fence, and wondering if it's, it's something they should do, it'll be the greatest reward, and experience you've ever had in your life, bar none," admits Ryan.

We're so happy for Justin and Justice that they were able to find a forever home, but there are still hundreds and hundreds of children in Clark county available for adoption.   Please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange to get started in the process. 436-6335.

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