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Recent College Graduates Face Uncertain Future

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LAS VEGAS - More than 2,700 College of Southern Nevada students will graduate Monday night. Many graduates, however, are discovering few job opportunities once they enter the workforce.

Half of the graduates are going to transfer to universities such as UNLV, but approximately 1,400 are entering Las Vegas' job market.

Some are struggling to find work in an economy that seems to be turning around. CSN Career Services Director Kelly Wuest says the job market is slightly worse than last year.

She's helped approximately 1,000 students try to find work. Half of those students have job offers. The others are still searching.

Their degree choice may play a factor. Applied sciences degrees, which are technical in nature, have helped graduates find jobs quickly.

Wuest says one reason for the lack of hiring is many new graduates are tentative about their next moves.

"I think there's a variety of different things. Students don't realize there is a difficulty in finding jobs, and I think some students haven't decided whether or not they're going to actually go on to a four year college or look for a job," she said. "So, some people are indecisive in the process."

Many recent graduates are already feeling the burden of student loan debt. The U.S. government will receive approximately $51 billion from student loan borrowers this year.

Financial advisors say students can take steps to stay financially safe.

"If they are entering the job market, the first thing a student should do is actually contact their new lenders and see what payment arrangements can be made if they have to make the payments," said Nelson Araujo with Financial Guidance Center. "If you can't make payments, seek deferment options as far as that goes."

It's the most expensive time in history to pay for college, but there are ways to pay, including grants or scholarships.

Advisors urge graduates to not put off getting a job, even if it's not in their career field. Don't delay handling your student loans, because defaulting on a loan could haunt your credit for at least seven years.

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