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OJ Simpson Returns to Las Vegas Courtroom

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Yale Galanter during O.J. Simpson's trial in 2008. Yale Galanter during O.J. Simpson's trial in 2008.
A recent photo of O.J. Simpson. A recent photo of O.J. Simpson.

LAS VEGAS - OJ Simpson will be back in a Las Vegas courtroom this week, where he is expected to seek a new trial stemming from a robbery case that landed him in a Nevada prison.

For the first time, Simpson is expected to take the stand. He never took the stand during the 2008 trial. He also avoided testimony during his 1995 trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

5 Things to Know About the Simpson Case

This week, Simpson plans to persuade a judge that his former lawyer Yale Galanter is responsible for his conviction.

Simpson was found guilty of storming into a Palace Station hotel room and leading an armed heist of sports memorabilia. He claimed the memorabilia belonged to him, but a jury disagreed.

He tried to appeal in 2010, but failed. Simpson and his current legal team argue Galanter misrepresented him in that trial and appeal. Simpson says he told Galanter about his plan to get his memorabilia back. Simpson's legal team, according to observers, says Galanter told him he had a legal right to retrieve the memorabilia, but made a crucial mistake when he used force to do so.

David Roger was the district attorney in 2008. He says Simpson should not expect to walk out a free man.

"The only way OJ Simpson was walking out of that courtroom a free man is if the jury disregards the evidence and ignored the court's instruction. There is that much evidence in this case," he said. "In Clark County, OJ Simpson is going to hit the stand, and he's going to be under some fierce cross examination from prosecutors."

The 2008 trial brought intense media attention. Roger says he remembers the chaos the trial created on the steps of the courthouse.

"He's got a great deal of charisma. During this trial, he was out in the hallways mugging for the cameras. He was signing autographs, and he was having a great time here in Las Vegas," he said. "There are people who still think that OJ Simpson is the greatest person on the face of this earth."

More than 25 media outlets from across the nation have asked for press credentials for the court hearing. Those who plan to show up can expect to pay. The Regional Justice Center is charging media outlets $54 per day to park their trucks near the courthouse.

The hearing is projected to last five days. Simpson is expected to testify Wednesday. A judge has already agreed to hear 19 points from Simpson's attorneys on why he deserves a new trial.

Simpson has already served four years of his nine to 33-year sentence. Monday's hearing is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

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