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Customers Rushing to Buy Rounds of Ammunition

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LAS VEGAS -- Gun stores have been reporting record sales for months and now gun owners are saying ammunition has become unbelievably hard to find. Managers of gun stores and sporting goods stores say they are having a difficult time keeping ammunition stocked.

Every Saturday around 5 a.m. customers line up in front of Sportsman's Warehouse. Don Slater said he's reacting to recent debates over gun control.

"They've made it their life mission to take away guns, because they believe the government knows better," said Slater.

The doors open at 9 a.m. and over the course of just a couple of hours the bullets are sold out.

"We actually had to pull them off the shelf, because people were stealing," said hunting manager Nathan Bowler. "We had to institute a bunch of purchasing limits."

Bowler estimated if customers weren't limited to buying only three cases of ammunition per caliber their whole supply would be gone in 20 minutes.

On a typical day, the store makes about $20,000. On Saturdays, business jumps to $60,000.

Managers at CMF Tactical Outfitters say they actually make their own ammunition. They say it's the only way they could keep up with the high demand. The ammo is primarily made for semi-automatic rifles, and they've sold 250,000 rounds since the first of May.

Manager Michael Heck said record-breaking bullet buying means record profits.

"I'll put it this way, over a million dollars in the first quarter," said Heck.

Heck said the three month period almost matched the entire year of 2012 where the gun shop earned about $1.5 million.

Don Slater said he doesn't see the lines at Sportsman's Warehouse getting shorter any time soon.

"More people are waking up to what's happening and seeing that hey, we better be prepared and exercise our right before it's too late."

Managers at Sportsman's Warehouse say customers are usually picky about what brand of ammunition they buy, but lately they'll take whatever is not sold out.

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