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5/08/13 Artie and A-J are The Perfect Adoptive Match

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Nothing brings a bigger smile to us here at Wednesday's Child than to be able to share with you the story of a successful adoption.   I think you'll agree with us:  Artie and A-J, are a perfect match.
In the twilight of evening, Artie, and his adopted son A-J always make the time to do stuff together.

"And I think that's really important and that should not be underestimated is someone that can kind of fit into your lifestyle, we hike," says Artie. "Yes we like to hike like to bike," says A-J.  "Yes, sports, weekly just all kinds of sports," adds Artie  "We mostly play, what?… we used to play tennis and badminton a lot that we don't see that anymore yes I play soccer," admits A-J

In all they do... It's a collaboration...with Dad leading A-J into new discoveries.

"And goal right now is to expose A-J to as many things as we can, so he's also playing piano now to which I think he's realizing he has a knack for that, for music in general," says Artie.

Their first meeting was about two years ago at Sunset Park...arranged by Family Services:

"So that meeting at Sunset Park was, it was pretty relaxed actually it was a good setting and I saw the door open and there was no had because it was below the door and I saw two little feet come out and I think the first question out of your mouth was..." says Artie.  "I said are you going to be my dad?" says A-J with a smile.

A-J was ready for a real Dad, ready to give up the life of a foster child.

"It was kind of difficult, because it was kind of hard for me because I kept moving, the kids moving to place to place, so it was kind of hard for me," admits A-J.

Now, A-J knows Artie is for real, and it's permanent.

"I just got used to calling him Dad because I just started like saying Dad and then Dad," says A-J.

"TYhe impact that you're having not only on the local community but as a nation is huge because the people that he's going to affect now, just in his life, is going to be hundreds and maybe even thousands.  So one act of adoption can affect thousands of people so that's something to keep in mind," mentions Artie.

We're happy for A-J, and hopeful for more than a-thousand other foster kids waiting for adoption in Clark County.   If you're interested in getting started, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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