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Move to Keep Nader Off Ballot

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(Aug. 25) -- The Nevada Democratic Party has filed suit in Carson City, demanding that Ralph Nader follow the rules here in Nevada in his presidential campaign. The Democrats say the Republicans are behind the efforts to put Nader on the ballot, the GOP says that's false.

Brian Scroggins, with the Clark County Republican Party, said, "The Republicans did nothing official to get him on the ballot. We just weren't involved in it." Scroggins defends his party from Democratic charges.

But Jon Summers, with the Nevada Democratic Party, says, "Ralph Nader is becoming a tool of the Republican party. The Republicans are trying to steal votes from the Democratic Party, from John Kerry using Ralph Nader.

The Nevada Democratic Party says a campaign to get Nader on the ballot here was funded by a number of local Republicans -- something the local GOP disputes.

"From the Clark County Republicans stand point we were not involved in it. We did not push for any petition to be signed. We didn't collect any money for that. Little conversation on Ralph Nader, we focus on our candidate," said Brian Scroggins.

The legal challenge also includes three Nevadans who say they signed petitions, but were mislead.

"We've got several people who have signed affidavits who don't know what they were signing. Some people were told they were signing initiatives, education initiatives, the ax the tax initiative," said Jon Summers.

The Nader campaign says they are following the rules to put their candidate on the ballot, and feel Nevada Democrats are worried about John Kerry's chances this November. "The Democrats are doing their best to prevent voters from having a choice. They fear if voters can choose they will not pick their candidate."

A hearing in Carson City will be held on Monday afternoon. Currently, Ralph Nader's name has been certified for the November ballot by the Secretary of State.

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