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Police Warn Drivers, Pedestrians to Pay Attention

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LAS VEGAS -- Two people in wheelchairs have been killed in recent weeks as they attempted to cross streets. The most recent victim was a man who was struck and killed Monday on Flamingo Road near Jones Boulevard.

According to Metro Police, one car stopped for 56-year-old Raybert Radomes, but another vehicle didn't.

As an 8 News NOW crew found out, it's not too difficult to find drivers violating road laws. At one intersection, it didn't matter that the neon yellow crosswalk sign was blinking, cars just zipped by. Minutes later, the driver of a black SUV ignored an older lady in a crosswalk. Drivers weren't the only violators, a bicyclist made an illegal turn in the middle of a busy street and a pedestrian was too busy to look up from her phone while she crossed the street.

Several people told 8 News NOW, they are almost immune to the daily violations.

 "Like right now, he's crossing the street," said Sean Breckling.

"They tend to ignore that you're walking," said Maria Gomez.

"Sometimes cars don't stop," Leroy Freeman said.

Lillian Ostro said the birth of her daughter Eve 18 months ago changed her driving habits.

"I became a grandma driver, go five under the speed limit, don't go when the light's yellow," she said.

Metro Police warn people walking, driving or cycling about the possible penalty for recklessness in crosswalks.

"A misdemeanor can range anywhere up to six months in jail," Metro officer Jose Hernandez said.

A misdemeanor can also carry a hefty fine which is determined by the court.

More than 70 people have died on valley roads this year.

"It's very important that vehicles look for and anticipate people in the roadway and look for what those cars are doing next to them," Metro Sgt. Todd Raybuck said.

He also advises pedestrians to make eye contact with a driver before stepping onto the street.


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