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State to Seek Remedy for Wrong-Way Crashes

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LAS VEGAS -- Authorities are investigating a head-on collision that killed four people, including two children, in a fiery crash in Nye County Sunday night.

Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Jeremie Elliott said a Buick was driving the wrong way on US 95 near Lathrop Wells just before 11 p.m. Lathrop Wells is about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

The car hit a Toyota minivan head on, causing both cars to catch fire, killing the occupants of both cars.

Safety efforts are being proposed to prevent crashes on undivided highways from happening.

Without a median to separate two opposing lanes of traffic, deadly crashes can happen, especially when someone veers of the road.

"You look at your cell phone, you are eating while driving or doing something taking away from focus on the road," Elliott said. "Limit those things to try to stay within the lane we are traveling in."

The Nevada Highway Patrol and the Nevada Department of Transportation are working to address this problem of wrong way collisions, which they say happen more often that we think.

They said one solution is to put more of these rubble strips along urban roadways.

They are essentially a series of grooves on the road that jar a vehicle if it drifts out of its lane.

Elliott said these strips can save lives. Driver Larry Wahl agreed.

"It will get your attention right away," he said. "All of the sudden your car is bouncing all over the place."

But even when there are concrete barriers separating traffic, wrong-way collisions still happen.

Case in point, the two crashes along US 95 near Kyle Canyon Road earlier this year. In both cases, there were fatalities.

NHP still doesn't know what caused the Buick to veer off the road into the opposite lane of traffic. But what they do know is that there were rumble strips in that area, but apparently that safety precaution did not work as it should in this incident.

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