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Legal Battle Surrounding Alleged Strip Shooter to Begin

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LAS VEGAS - The man accused in the highly publicized, deadly shooting on the Las Vegas Strip now faces a criminal indictment.

The indictment of Ammar Harris came down Friday afternoon. The February shooting and subsequent accident left three people dead and garnered international attention.

The attack shut down the Strip for several hours. Police say Harris, an admitted pimp, shot and killed another pimp, Kenny Cherry. The shooting caused an accident that claimed the lives of two bystanders.

The criminal complaint says Harris and Cherry left the Aria hotel in separate vehicles at approximately 4 a.m. A short time later, Harris opened fire on Cherry on Las Vegas Boulevard near Flamingo Road. Police say Harris shot and killed Cherry, Cherry's Maserati sped through a red light and struck a taxi cab. That cab exploded - killing the driver and his passenger, a Las Vegas tourist.

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Harris evaded authorities for a week before police captured him in Los Angeles. Two months later, authorities extradited Harris to Las Vegas. Friday, he was indicted on numerous charges – pushing back his scheduled arraignment Monday.

Harris' trial will likely generate significant media attention, but attorney Ozzie Fumo, who does not represent any clients in this case, says don't expect to hear anything from Harris.

"First thing, tell your client not to make statements to anybody at this point. Whether it's press, you don't want them to say something that can be used against him first of all, and you don't want something that contradicts something that might be in the discovery that, if he does end up taking the stand at trial, they can impeach him with," he said.

He says the defense will probably receive their copy of the evidence at next week's arraignment. Harris faces four additional charges stemming from a violent sexual assault in 2010. A woman staying with Harris claims he raped her in the shower, tried to strangle her and stole hundreds of dollars from her wallet.

Several questions surrounding the Harris case remain unanswered. Observers still wonder about the whereabouts of Harris' murder weapon, as well as the identity of the people who may have harbored him while he evaded police.

Tehran Boldon is the brother of Michael Boldon – the taxi driver who died following the shooting. Tehran says he will attend the trial. He wants to know if Harris' alleged coconspirators will be prosecuted or testify against Harris.

"If they need to give these people and let them go, in other words, in order to get Ammar Harris and get the justice he deserves, you know, so be it," he said.

"I'm confident the district attorney is going to reach out to those people and give them an ultimatum. You can either be a codefendant with Mr. Harris, sitting next to him in this trial, or you can testify against him and we'll give you immunity," added Fumo. "I think the public, they want the shooter. They want the person who pulled the trigger. So, I think that's what the state is going to focus on, the person who did the shooting."

Legal experts predict the district attorney will drop charges on anyone who helped Harris escape in exchange for testimony against him.

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