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Animal Foundations 10th Annual 'Best in Show'

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LAS VEGAS -- The Animal Foundation's 10th Best in Show dog show placed dozens of canine's into loving homes Sunday.

It's The Animal Foundation's biggest fundraiser of the year and helps to raise awareness about pet overpopulation. Our very own Denise Valdez has emceed the event for the last 6 years.

Dogs of every age and breed can be a star at this show. Dazzled spectators bid on the one's they just have to take home. It's a big day for these pooches, and it begins backstage.

"We've got some great volunteers taking them for walks and breaks outside," said the Director of Operations at the Animal Foundation Carly Scholten. "They get to have little water breaks when they need it. Otherwise, they're just relaxing and waiting for their 5 minutes of fame."

That's where we met Chance. He was bouncing around in his kennel ready for show time. Nobody knows where he came from or exactly how old he is, but his personality is undeniable. Even a vet who works with many dogs everyday says he's got something special.

"A lot of my nurses at the office fell in love with him right away so he really bonds with everyone that he meets," said Veterinarian Dr. David Mason. "I don't think anyone could meet this dog and not really like being around him."

Chance got his name for a reason. He was born with one front leg deformed. He was making his way around until he started having problems with his hind legs.

Dr. Mason said after a pro bono surgery and a speedy recovery the pup's getting a second chance.

"Routinely we would see him about a month out, but other than that he really shouldn't need too much," said Dr. Mason. "I mean he's doing so well at this point if we get him out in a few weeks he should be good for the rest of his life with the surgeries he's had."

Chance is one of 52 fur balls that found a home Sunday. Each year the event raises around $250,000. That money goes to pay for vet bills, food, and shelter for 45,000 animals a year.

The highest bidding dog today went for $1300. The Best in Show award went to a mastiff breed. Chance and all the others at the show found a home today, but there are still thousands waiting for a responsible owner to adopt them.

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