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4/24/13 Trio of Siblings Deserves a Second Chance

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The goal of Wed's Child is that every foster child gets a permanent home.   Today, that means we're seeing a sibling set of three again. We think they're great kids, but honestly?  We'd rather not see them again.   So we're hoping someone will adopt them.

One year ago, we met Grace, Aaron, and Ashley at Grimaldi's pizza... We watched them make pizza... Then we sat around the table and ate the pizza.

Just so you know... It's only coincidence that we're eating pizza -- again -- with these three the other day... This time at the Mini Gran Prix.   In fact, pizza was an afterthought.

Most of the time we were running around the arcade playing air hockey, and other games.

Grace is the oldest at 12.   She's smart, articulate, watches out for her siblings, and knows what she wants when it comes to her new parents:

"I wanted a family that strict but not too strict, I don't want them like, watching my every move, but I wanna be kinda left alone, but I want there to be rules too," explains Grace.

Aaron is the middle child.   He's 8, and wants to be a marine biologist.

"Aaron is into whales, he collects whales, he collects sharks, he collects fancy rocks, he says one of his goals is to probably go to sea world, he would love to see Shamu and Sea World, he's never been there, so he loves animals," says Gina, an Adoption Recruiter with DFS.

Youngest is Ashley...curly hair, blue eyes, and killer dimples, she's also just joy to know.

"I think she goes to bed smiling, Ashley will love you to death and hug you to death. If you ask anyone what gets on learners about Ashley it's that she's always hugging and loving," adds Gina.

These three were close to adoption, but now family services is on the trail for a new family.   As a bonded set of three, they must stay together... And they are very accepting.

"Well actually I've been talking to these children, and they are so intelligent they can pretty much tell you what they want, and basically they told me, they don't have any particular type of family, just one that really loves them, they don't really care about it being a two parent home or anything," explains Gina.

You could not find three more loving kids.... And they're free and clear for adoption.   Just call the office of the Adoption Exchange if you interested.   They'll help you get started.   The number is 436-6335.

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