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Young Children Learn Life-Saving Maneuver in the Water

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LAS VEGAS -- Imagine a baby, as young as 6 months old, being able to help him or herself stay afloat in the water to keep from drowning. Some young children are learning that life-saving skill in as little as six weeks.

There's a class being taught where babies are learning to stay afloat, breathe and survive even before they learn how to talk or walk.

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children under the age of 5.

"It's a silent death. You don't hear the splash, you don't hear them calling for help, they just go under," said Gail Robinson, an instructor for Infant Swimming Resource."My ultimate goal is to make sure that these kids can save themselves whenever they are finished with me."

She teaches a self rescue course where babies as young as 6 months old learn how to roll on their back and float in water, while continuing to breathe, until help arrives.

Some parents say they are a bit nervous when their children are first introduced to the pool, but they realize, they are learning something that could save their life.

"If they can learn to turn over and float, that's long enough for someone to realize that something happened and can get there, that's very comforting," said Kelley Higgins, the grandmother of 2-year-old.

The course involves getting kids in the water with the teacher, 10 minutes a day, five days a week for six weeks in a row. In that time, the kids will learn how to roll onto their back and breathe.

"It's amazing, we got pictures, we got video, we sent to family. We are so proud of him," said Steven Pacheco, the father of toddler.

"It's a life-saving lesson you know. It's kind of like a little insurance policy. We don't drown-proof the kids, but we do provide them with that final layer of protection," Robinson said.

After the course ends, Robinson tells parents it is important to keep the children practicing the maneuver with their parents or take a refresher course once a month.


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