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Education Leaders Discuss Overcrowded Classrooms

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LAS VEGAS -- As a teacher outnumbered 40-to-1, students try to ask questions, but there are too many to answer.

Classrooms in Clark County are some of the most overcrowded in the nation.

On Tuesday, school leaders, teachers and students came together to discuss fixing the problem.

They have a simple solution: more teachers and smaller class sizes.

Although it sounds easy, getting lawmakers to agree to it may be the hard part.

It's a problem a sixth grader not only gets, but probably understands more than most.

"I just feel sorry for the teacher, because she needs to keep repeating what she says," said Marcus Son, a sixth grader. "Since the classroom's so small, the students think they can hide behind other students and start talking and the teacher gets frustrated because nobody will listen to her."

Marcus and his friend, Angela Siapno, said it's hard to learn in a class of 41 students.

"The amount of kids sometimes makes it distracting and it makes it harder for my teacher to focus on the question," Angela said.

The students were so frustrated, they took 8 News NOW into their classroom.

"It's where I have most of my classes, and he has, too," Angela said.

Students squeezed into every available space, surrounding a teacher with only a limited amount of time to reach them.

The kids get it and leaders of the school district and teacher's union say they do too.

"There are multiple bills that have this tagged on to it," said Pat Skorkowsky, interim superintendent for the Clark County School District. "We are supporting any bill that will help us reduce class sizes right now, I'll be honest."

Added teachers union president Ruben Murillo, "What we're asking is the Nevada Legislature to look at our plan. It's a four-year plan. It reduces the size of classrooms on an average of three to five students per classroom."

The sixth graders say reducing class size will help them succeed.

School district leaders say they are currently in the process of hiring 2,000 teachers for the start of the next school year.

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