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Driving You Crazy: Light Fixed at Warm Springs & I-215

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LAS VEGAS - Drivers are celebrating after traffic officials have fixed a light on Warm Springs Road near I-215.

Traffic8 first reported the problem to transportation officials in January. Traffic was backing up, because the light allowing access to southbound I-215 from Warm Springs was going from a green arrow to a red arrow, without a yellow arrow in between.

The brief green light, described by some drivers as lasting approximately ten seconds, would shift to red, causing people to speed up or slam on their brakes.

Traffic technicians discovered a malfunction with the light, possibly due to all the construction on Warm Springs. They adjusted the light and brought back the yellow arrow.

The traditional green/yellow/red light is back in rotation, and drivers are able to easily enter I-215, instead of fighting their way onto the freeway. This problem is fixed.

What's driving you crazy? You can e-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Brian Loftus.

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