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SPECIAL REPORT: Arturo Martinez: One Year Later

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Arturo Martinez speaks with 8 News NOW anchor Dave Courvoisier. Arturo Martinez speaks with 8 News NOW anchor Dave Courvoisier.

LAS VEGAS -- A year ago this week, the world of Arturo Martinez was in chaos. His wife and daughter had been raped and killed and he was near death.

Metro Police say Bryan Clay broke into the family's home and attacked Arturo, his wife and their 10-year-old daughter. Clay did not know the family. He told police he had been drinking and taking drugs prior to the attacks.

Two young boys in the home were not hurt, but woke up to the gruesome scene on April 15, 2012. The boys did not know what to do. It would be more than 24 hours later before authorities would find out about the brutal attacks. The 9-year-old child went to school and told officials there was blood all over the home and his father had "two holes in his head."

Martinez has spent the past year rebuilding his life with his two sons and undergoing medical procedures and therapy.

8 News NOW visited his boxing gym Thursday to speak with him and hear his year-long story of survival.

Boxing is Martinez's passion. It's also his routine, his path back to a normal life.

"What you can do is just get over with, and be part of what we do, facing life, move forward," he said. "That's what I did."

Recent surgeries have restored the damage to his skull. But he still has some lingering effects of the attack.

"Physically, I think I feel stronger than before," he said. "I have numbness on my left leg, and my arm, and my vision is not quite close to what I have before."

Mostly, Martinez is focusing on being a father to his two sons. They lean on each other and try to stay positive.

"The first time we went to the cemetery, was tears came out of my eyes," he said. "Christopher says, ‘I think there's too late for being crying.'"

Pictures of his wife and daughter keep vigil over the gym, a constant presence of what was.

"They will be in my heart forever, there is no doubt," he said. "That's the thing: I have to look at them positive, instead of negative."

The trial of accused attacker Bryan Clay begins in June.

Martinez said he's ready for the trial to start. In the meantime, he has hopes of returning to be an electrician in the near future.

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