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4/17/13 James Is a Teen In Search of a Family

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Some foster kids give up on the system by the time they're teens, if they still haven't been adopted.
But not James.   At 15, he still very much wants a permanent home.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to this exceptional young man.

The first thing you notice about James is his uniform.   He's in ROTC at school, and hopes to go into the military.

While we were waiting for our chance to ride the go-karts at the Mini-Grand Prix, I found out that he has other natural siblings that have already been adopted.   His recruiter has high hopes that he will find a place too.

"Actually, I've been a recruiter for all three of his siblings so I've been successful in finding an adoptive home for all of them so James is my last kid in his family who has not found permanency. Now that I am working with him recently assigned, I'm hopeful to find a family for him as well," says Vickie, an adoption recruiter for the Department of Family Services.

Normally reserved and shy until he gets to know you, James loosened up a little when we got behind the wheel.

Afterwards, he told me why he wanted to find a forever family.

"I wanna be with a family, and I don't want to be like all over the place everywhere, I mean like switchin' schools all the time."
James is doing well in school, likes sports, is very courteous and intelligent.  

"His potential is very high, I don't even think James fully understands how much potential he really has," says Vickie.

Most importantly, he still very much desires the love of a family.

"A lot of our teenagers at his age have kind of given up that somebody will want them, now he firmly wants to part a family, wants to have siblings, wants to develop meaningful relationships with his peers so this is an opportunity.   A lot of people say they want younger children… well he's an example of an older child… who you can have an amazing opportunity with, because he is an older child who wants everything that many of our younger children and deserve, and he deserves it as well," adds Vickie.

James is free and clear for adoption, but wants to be able to maintain a relationship with his natural siblings.   If you'd like to consider adopting James, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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