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Lawmakers Debate Legalizing Marijuana

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LAS VEGAS -- Nevada lawmakers are debating Assembly Bill 402 which could make marijuana legal and taxable.

The bill would legalize and regulate marijuana, similar to the way alcohol is treated. A person would need to be 21 and would not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

Proponents of the bill say it is not about smoking marijuana, but generating as much as $470 million in tax money for the State General Fund.

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Families with ill members testified how legalizing marijuana would help their sick loved ones. Some lawmakers raised concern about the federal government taking the money generated for the state.

Police said passing the bill could make the roads even more deadly.

"How that could possibly not affect driving is a bit ludicrous and there is research that shows that it is detrimental to a driver's ability to drive," North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Tim Bedwell said.

Ryan Husain, who was born with a rare and painful connective tissue disorder, said legalizing marijuana would help him.

"My joints dislocate, my kneecaps, my shoulders, my elbows, they snap out of place a lot," he said.

He was a music teacher four years ago, now he is disabled and copes by using medical marijuana.

"Cannibus helps with physical pain, it induces hunger, it helps with sleep, it helps with nausea, it helps with irritable intestine and bowels and things like that," he said.

A public policy poll showed 54 percent of Nevada voters approve this bill. Lawmakers are expected to reach a decision on whether the bill should move forward on April 12.


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