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Sisolak: Replacing Brooks Could Take Weeks

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Ousted Assemblyman Steven Brooks seen with his hands in the air following a high-speed chase with police. Courtesy: Jennifer Simpson Ousted Assemblyman Steven Brooks seen with his hands in the air following a high-speed chase with police. Courtesy: Jennifer Simpson
The boundary of Assembly District 17. The boundary of Assembly District 17.

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- Children laughed and played at Tropical Breeze Park in North Las Vegas, while some of their parents talked about the latest scandal involving their former Assembly representative.

Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested Thursday evening in California after a high-speed chase with police. Earlier in the day, he had been ousted from the Nevada Legislature.

This is Brooks' third arrest in the past three months, beginning with his Jan. 19 arrest for threatening Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick. The state assembly voted Thursday morning to expel Brooks from its membership, the first such action in state history.

"I think it's gone out of control gone, spiraling downhill," said Brianna Driscell, a four-year resident.

Added Jennifer Deluca, native North Las Vegan, "It just sounded like it was going nowhere good, pretty fast."

Brooks' arrest Thursday was in connection with felony evading, willful harm to a police service dog, resisting a police officer and throwing objects from vehicle. The charge of harming the dog stems from Brooks choking the animal and hitting it with a metal socket wrench as it tried to control him.

Kiera McGillivray said Brooks' behavior feels like a betrayal.

"It's hard to believe someone we voted in -- we trusted him -- and then he does something that loses the citizen's trust," said McGillivray, a three-year resident.

Clark County commissioners have the task of finding a replacement for District 17.

The replacement must be a Democrat living in the district and would hold the seat until November 2014.

Commissioner Tom Collins said the fact Brooks sat on three important committees makes it even more crucial to find his substitute.

"Southern Nevada needs to have somebody for us on our roads," Collins said. "Ways and means: we need some money back to southern Nevada from Carson City. And health and human services. We've got UMC."

Commissioners are scheduled to meet April 2 and could vote to hold a special session to find the replacement.

"We'll set up the process, we'll take applications," Commissioner Steve Sisolak said. "The board can agree upon how long we'll take applications for and then if some commissioners will want to interview individually, they can do that."

McGillivray said whomever they choose has a lot of work to do.

"It is kind of sad, because I think this district does need somebody," she said. "There are a lot of problems in this area. They need help, so when we don't have a representative, I think that hurts the community a lot."

There is some disagreement among commissioners on how long it will take to find Brooks' replacement.

Collins said they need to find someone as soon as possible, but Sisolak said the process should not be rushed and could take weeks.

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