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3/27/13 Sibling Set of Four Seeks Wonderful Parents

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We often present sibling sets on Wednesday's Child....and today it's a group of four -- two brothers and two sisters.   You could say they're a ready-made family, but they desperately need parents to make the family complete.

Amazingly, Dave Courvoisier was able to get all four of these energetic kids to sit still long enough for this group shot...   Take a quick look, 'cause the rest of our time was spend chasing them down one-by-one.   They're a spirited group held together by a very responsible older brother of 12 -- Ethan:

"You know, he's come a long way, I think, when they originally came in he was doing a lot of that now she's just really relaxed and just being a teenage yeah of being a preteen boy if you ask him a teenage boy,"  says Donni, their Case Worker.

Next is sister Sabrina who is seven.   She was a little cautious with us on this first meeting, but her caseworker says she's a gem:

"Sabrina and she's seven and in second grade, full of energy, just probably the most loving child, just has a huge Jiminy Cricket on her shoulder so she does some things she's a little too hard on herself and and gets down but..."  adds Donni.

Sister Josephine is next in age at 6, and she's kinda quiet.

"Josephine, is our first grader and she six and she is a little in a little bit so it takes a little while to get to see through Josephine, to really get to know her I think they were separated early for her in her case, so it takes for a while to warm up to people and really give people a trust," admits Donni.

Finally, Jeremiah -- at 3 -- is the youngest.

"He's an outgoing three-year-old… he is not only halfway through the threes so he's wonderfully smart goes to school, plays well with others just… coming along really well

Donni says these kids have a strong religious foundation:  

"So a churchgoing family because they love to go to church on Sundays, and probably somebody that's of little bit outdoorsy and likes the lake because the Ethan just learned how to fish," adds Donni.

In return for adopting them, you'd get four beautiful children ready to return you love.

"They are so loving themselves it would be hard not to love them, so you'll get a real loving group.

These kids are eager to find a stable, loving home.   If that's you, please contact the local office of the adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right now.

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