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Bill Targets Makers of Methamphetamine

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LAS VEGAS -- Lawmakers are putting finishing touches on a bill that would drop Sudafed sales down to a snail's pace. Testimony on the bill was heard at the Grant Sawyer building Wednesday.

The bill didn't make it anywhere in the last Legislature, but this time, AB39 has more support.

If the bill passes, pharmacies will be able to better detect people who are pharmacy shopping to buy legal medicines used to make methamphetamine. The bill would limit the sale of over the counter medicines with psuedoephedrine, a key ingredient used to make methamphetamine.

"It actually is going to give law enforcement and pharmacies an ability to know who is actually out there going from store to store purchasing psuedoephedrine products," said Elizabeth MacMenamin with the Retail Association of Nevada. She is the vice president of Government Affairs.

Currently, a shopper must present an identification card to purchase any medicine with psuedoephedrine. Under the proposed law, a stop flag would alert pharmacists and police if that person has made too many purchases.

The software used to track purchases is free of charge compliments of the manufacturers of the cold medicines.

"They felt like it was necessary because of the years of problems with psuedoephedrine. They wanted to come forward and do something for the community. They're providing software systems for everyone," MacMenamin said.

"The more regulation we have on the people making meth out of Sudafed and what not, is better," said shopper Peter Malinosk.

"I don't do drugs. I would like to be able to walk to the pharmacist and get whatever I need," shopper Chantal Aomand said.

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AB39 could be the first step in bringing local drug labs to a screeching halt.

"I think we're going to see this one go forward, I think this is something that the state is looking forward to and I think the AG and her passion for this issue will make a difference in how far it gets in this system," MacMenamin said.

Anytime Sudafed is purchased, a portion of that sale goes to pay for the database software.

The bill will be voted on by April 12.


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