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8 on Your Side: Gift Cards Not Honored by Valley Business

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LAS VEGAS - Faith Prochazkah has a lot of Goodwill gift cards. She bought them through the Radio Shopping Show approximately two years ago.

"They were to last forever - no expiration date," she said.

She uses them to buy items for people in need. Her job as a nursing assistant at Spring Valley Hospital gives her plenty of opportunities to bless people.

"I had a gentleman a couple of weeks ago, and he had nothing but two little grocery bags. That was it," she said.

She used her gift cards to give him a duffle bag, a backpack and clothes.

"He started crying," Prochazkah said. "I got him a great jacket. He was just so grateful. He was just so grateful."

When she made a recent trip to Goodwill to help a family with a sick boy, Prochazkah received a shock.

"I had these two $25 gift cards, and I went and handed them to the girl, and she said, ‘We are not taking those anymore,'" she said.

Surprised, Prochazkah tried to contact the woman who first issued the cards. She says the woman promised to help her if she ran into any complications.

"I went to call her. She no longer works there, so they said they were not going to honor them," Prochazkah said of the gift cards.

She was out hundreds of dollars. "Not only are they ripping me off, but they are ripping off the people I want to use these for. That to me, in my heart, was like taking from the homeless," she said.

She called 8 on Your Side. After 8 on Your Side explained the matter to Goodwill, Prochazkah received new gift cards that were issued to her for the remaining amount with no expiration date.

Now, she is shopping, saving and blessing people once again. "You not only helped me, but you helped a lot of people out there," she said.

If your gift card expires, you're never out all of the cash. According to Nevada law, 60 percent of the unredeemed value has to be given to the Nevada Treasurer's Office. You can get that money back from the treasurer in the form of unclaimed property.

You will need to give the state the original gift card in order to receive the refund.

If you have a consumer complaint you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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