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3/20/13 Daje' Is a Handsome 6 Year Old

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There's no right or wrong age to be adopted, but today's Wed's Child candidate is certainly ready.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to 6-year- old Daje'...a very handsome young man.

We're at the park on a cool day in March with Daje' and for a kid who warms up to you slowly, all the newness is making this young man a little uncertain.

"Daje, he is energetic, he is high-energy, he is smart… he can be a little bit shy sometimes he can be… he does warm up to people very quickly. But once he warms up to you , you will tell you his own life story," says Vickie, an Adoption Recruiter for DFS.

Daje likes the foster home where he's living now, but they do not plan to adopt, and that's why DFS is seeking something stable.

"But at the end of the day we're looking for permanency for him, he's only been there a very short period of time so I know that if we find him an appropriate home he could really easily adjust to new setting," adds Vickie.

Daje's situation is so similar to the needs of most of Clark county's foster kids.

"The two things this community need are additional foster parent resources and additional adoptive resources so Clark county has amazing foster parents, but we really need more to continue to meet the needs of the kids that come in," mentions Vickie.

In this case, Daje' is a delightful boy with lots of personality, and plenty of smarts... The key word here is energy:

"Daje' is all boy. So do you like sports? do you like basketball? Do you like puppies? Are you full of energy, he is six years old his charming he is charismatic so you need to take all of that into account to decide one way or the other if that's really what you want in your home.

If you think there's a chance Daje' would fit in your home, please call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6336 right now to find out more.

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