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CCSD: Half of HS Seniors Not Ready to Graduate

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Interim Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky Interim Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky

LAS VEGAS -- With a budget deficit, alarming dropout rates and no top educator, the Clark County School District is facing incredible obstacles all while boosting student achievement.

The school district has 21,000 high school seniors and only half are on track to graduate on time.

On Wednesday, interim Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky reported the status of the school district report to the Las Vegas City Council.

Skorkowsky said he is focused on two priorities: full time kindergarten and boosting graduating rates.

"We're at a challenge because we're playing catch up again with our seniors," he said.

It's a obstacle he thinks would be eliminated if students had more class time early on.

"If we can get them into school and get them on track from the very beginning, then it decreases the likelihood that they're going to fall behind and potentially become a dropout and not graduate from high school," Skorkowsky said.

The district has cut $500 million from the budget in the past few years, slashing teacher positions, increasing class sizes and adopting fewer technologies.

Skorkowsky said the district is doing a lot with a little, and although growth is moving at a snail's pace, some councilmembers wondered if it is too little, too late.

"We talk and we converse and we discuss and all that, but our hands are tied," Las Vegas Councilman Bob Coffin said. "We can't do anything about it right now the way things sit, and that is a crying shame."

The district has ramped up credit retrieval, extra classes and tutoring for students who are behind and has program that tracks teacher assessment.

The school district also has instructional coaches that implement new teaching methods based on each student's needs.

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