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8 on Your Side Helps Man with Excessive Charges

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LAS VEGAS - Tom Shiveley is fed up with getting bills from CenturyLink. These bills have been piling up for more than two years.

"I've been frustrated all along by the whole thing," he said. "I couldn't get CenturyLink to get my account cleared of some old charges for services they never performed for me."

In 2010, he signed up for CenturyLink Internet service, but from day one, nothing went right.

"Whoever took the order screwed it up, and I just said forget it. I will go elsewhere," Shiveley said.

He canceled his service within seven days of ordering it, but the bills kept coming. "It varied anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars a month for it," he said.

He refused to pay, and CenturyLink began charging him late fees. He called the company for help. "Occasionally, they would lop off twenty five dollars or something like that," he said.

That wasn't good enough. He wasn't going to pay for something he never purchased. So, he started a letter writing campaign. "I sent them three letters. None of them, none of them was ever answered," he said.

As a last resort, he turned to 8 on Your Side. "I've seen your results on TV, and I thought maybe they will take this one too," Shiveley said.

8 on Your Side made a call and immediately solved this problem. All the charges were erased.

"You cleared up a nagging issue that has been around for over two years," Shiveley said. "It was time it got cleared up, and you cleared it up."

Issues like this one are certainly not normal, and getting them fixed can be a chore. It's all about talking to the right person. Ask to speak to a supervisor if you aren't getting anywhere.

You can also contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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