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Pimps Using Night, Day Clubs to Recruit Women

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LAS VEGAS -- As a known pimp, Ammar Harris faces a judge in Los Angeles, while in the Las Vegas valley, Metro Police officers are fighting pimping and prostitution in local nightclubs.

Officers are teaching club staff to recognize the signs of sex trafficking.

Metro police said Strip night and day clubs are places where pimps are looking for women to turn into prostitutes.

Officers said they are looking for a certain profile of woman, many who are made vulnerable by drinking alcohol or using drugs.

A woman we'll call "Nicole" didn't want us to show her face or use her real voice.

A former Las Vegas prostitute for years, she said she solicited many of her clients in nightclubs.

"I think it's just business," Nicole said. "It's all about the money."

She said pimps use clubs as a recruiting ground to find women.

"They look for a drunk girl," she said. "Somebody that just doesn't seem like she's that secure, that confident."

Metro Lt. Karen Hughes from Metro's vice unit said the recruiting isn't just happening in night clubs, but also popular day beach clubs.

"Those were never an area that we policed, but now those are venues that all different sorts or crimes are occurring," Hughes said.

For the past four years, Metro Police officers have been going into clubs and directly training security and staff to look for signs of sex trafficking.

Club employees are now looking for the same profile of a woman a pimp may be searching for, and trying to stop it.

"Isolation, restriction," said Lou Pascoe of the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force. "No control over money. Bruising about the body or other injuries."

As a result, the police said that on the Strip alone, the department saw a 38 percent decrease in reported sexual assaults last year.

Pascoe said prosecuting nightclub pimps is key in preventing them from hurting their victims again.

"Then they see that they aren't in the game alone," Pascoe said. "They don't see themselves as isolated. That I do have resources there to help me."

For those such as Nicole, the years of abuse by a pimp are over, but the emotional scars still linger.

"Know that you are more than what you believe you are," she said.

She encourages other victims to find the strength to leave.

To keep from becoming a victim, the police said to make sure any partying environment is safe and don't leave your drink or room key anywhere unattended.

8 News NOW reached out to several nightclubs and casinos to talk about sex trafficking in clubs, but many declined to comment.

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