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3/13/13 Yancy Loves Legos, Loves Life

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Wed's Child today is a bright young man by the name of Yancy.   He's not into video games or Disneyland, but he does have one particular passion in life, as you'll soon find out.

At the park, Yancy was the quiet kid.   His case worker says that's not the Yancy *he* knows.

"At the beginning he can be a little bit quiet and shy, but after you play some music you might start dancing in front of you (laughs) and he loves Michael Jackson, she like any music goes soft he just starts dancing," remarks Eduardo, Yancy's case worker.

While we were walking and talking, I found out that Yancy's favorite subject are writing and math... He likes sports too, but when I asked him which ones, I got a surprising admission:

"Basketball baseball football, what?"  "Legos," replies Yancy.

Yup...Legos is a passion.

"One of the of the things he loves his he would love to go to Legoland, it  is one of the on his wish list that's one of the main things he would like to do," adds Eduardo.

Yancy is also an accomplished artist. 

"Yes he loves tracing like any character like Batman or Superman.  He enjoys drawing and it's probably one of his hobbies anytime I get to his house or he's drawing," says Eduardo.  "'Great potential he follows directions really well if you tell them to do something very specific in the way you tell him, he gets it done," remarks Eduardo.

Yancy is making great strides lately in a supportive foster home, but he needs a permanent family.

"I think he's very open I think he's able to handle a lot of different situations. He gets along well with adults, especially they give him the right structure she follows directions really really well," mentions Eduardo.

Yancy is legally free for adoption, and would fit right in almost anywhere.   If there's a place in your home for Yancy, please call the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right now to inquire.

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