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3/06/13 Wednesday's Child Sibling Set Gets Adopted

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When a Wednesday's Child gets adopted, we feel like celebrating!  So when a sibling set of three finds a forever home, that's even better!  Dave Courvoisier has the story of Josh, Kyla, and Skyler, and their new parents.

"That date was awesome, it was amazing like we were all happy we were like kind of surprised that it was that fast really," says Josh of the day their adoption was finalized in court.

4 years ago, that dream seemed distant.   Back when I met these three in 2009, they were not even living in the same cottage together at St. Jude's ranch.

"I don't remember much discussion, I remember she came home, she told me the story and I said why not? of course," says Jason, the new adoptive dad.

Jason -- their new dad -- described what happened when his wife met the kids not long after at Camp-TO-Belong.

"And I met the kids and they caught my eye right away.   They just, they loved each other so much, and they were so happy-go-lucky, and on the last day of camp Kyla got up and she just wept she was talking about how badly she wanted a family and how she was so afraid she was going to be adopted without her brothers," describes new adoptive Mother Tammie about her Camp-To-Belong experience.

Today, you'd think they had been together for years...   Tammie and Jason did it by the book...weeks and weeks of parenting classes, all the while focusing on adopting these three kids in particular....even when it looked like they might go to live with a distant relative.

"Yeah they wanted to know what was going to happen and they didn't know any of their family members so they voice that they weren't really comfortable with that and they just we were all just waiting in limbo which was hard," says Tammie.

But they saw it through, and late last year the adoption became official.

Dave:  "You see them blossoming?"  Tammie: "Oh yeah! absolutely! they're all doing like better in school and involves us come and claim their own identity, and we got a rugby player and a softball player and they're all making friends and their really, I feel like they're really sinking roots in."

jJson offers this encouragement to those who are considering adoption:   "Don't be so scared. The stories that you hear that the kids are going to come with these behaviors of these issues are these problems, when you get right down to it, they're just kids, they're just kids who want a safe loving place to be. And that's all. And they'll be fine."

There are still many hundreds of children hoping to be adopted.   Please call the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 to find out more.

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