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2/20/13 Elijah Tries on a Costume, But Needs a Family

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12 is an important age for a young man.    He's making decisions about life, and he needs guidance along the way.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Elijah who is working hard at making up  his mind.

We're back at the same costume shop where Ayana had so much fun trying on different outfits last week.   Elijah was having fun too, but pretty much focused on one or two costumes, and really making the work.

Elijah in general Iis pretty focused... He works hard at school, and has hopes of making it in sports.

"Football, soccer, basketball, and "b"...hockey," says Elijah, about his choice of sports.

"Active, loves sports, loves to get out there, has been in martial arts… um… baseball, basketball, but his particular favorite is football. So he is a big fan of football, a big giants fan," says Lance, Elijah's Adoption Recruiter

In fact, Elijah turned into a "giant" with his chosen costume.

"I think his favorite costume was the one he landed on so I think he was calling it the Fat Albert, but it's the big red balloon cost you that inflates and he was able to enable a nice rainbow wig to go with it and some glasses, so yeah!," adds Lance

Elijah is a quick student.   He knew exactly what we were up to with the TV camera this day.

"He knew exactly what we were going to do and I was going to go through some preparation with it and he said lance I've done this I've done this before I know what were going for I know the routine you don't have to worry about me okay so you just don't worry about me and have a good time," says Lance.

Dave:  "What's neat about having a family?  Elijah: "That you could have brothers and sisters and moms and dads, and they will take care of me?" states Elijah.

This young man also needs parents who can give him structure and stability.

"I think a home that would be perfect for Elijah, is one that can provide lots of structure, care, and attention. He definitely loves that positive reinforcement, he likes to help out around the house, and he is really good with that sort of thing I think we can find a family who takes an active interest in his life, support his interest in sports, and whatnot, you know go to practices, games, and things of that nature, I think he would thrive in a family like that," mentions Lance.

Elijah has been in "the system" long enough.   It's time he has a forever home, and we're hoping that's you.   If so, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right now.

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